Weekend Recap

The past weekend was full of fun activities. I love three day weekends because not only do I get a day off from work, but then the following week (when it's a Monday) is a short week! My weekend started on Saturday with a morning run with my mom and her friend Kathleen. I love Saturday morning runs b/c we run around Tempe Town Lake and we get coffee afterwards. That's one run I don't mind waking up early for! Saturday night was my friend Colby's wedding. She was an intern at my office for almost 2 years and she started right before I did, so we worked together for a while. I went to her bachelorette party last weekend which was really fun, and her wedding was a blast as well. Since Chris is gone my mom was my date, and we had so much fun together! The wedding was at the W Hotel. The ceremony was outside by the pool and the food was wonderful. Here are some photos...

My mom and I before we left for the wedding.

They had flower petal-filled cones to throw when the Bride and Groom walked up the aisle after the ceremony. Bad news was no one actually threw them.

The beautiful tables. The menu acted as a place card, with each person's name printed at the top. Colby's mom made all the centerpieces, can you believe it?!?

Their gorgeous cake by Tammy Coe. Those are fondant rose petals on the top! My mom and I were really wondering how they were going to cut it, but of course they whisked it away to the kitchen so we never saw. It was some of the best tasting cake I've ever had. I wanted more!

Me and Colby. She was such a beautiful bride.

My mom with the favor, a homemade chocolate carmel nut cup things that the Groom's mom made. There was even a fancy P (their last name is now Pool) etched into the white chocolate on the top. I can't believe she made them!

Sunday morning my mom and rode our beach cruisers down to the race course of the PF Changs Rock and Roll Half Marathon course. We knew quite a few people running, so we went down to watch. The wedding prevented us (or at least it prevented me, my mom was skipping a year) from running so we wanted to go watch and cheer people on. We woke up early, threw on some clothes, got breakfast burritos and biked 3 miles to the course. It was really fun to see everything. We were at the mile 6 mark and got to see all the super fast runners, including my co-worker Allison's husband! We also saw my friend Emily, some co-workers and my aunt Janis.

My mom and I at the race. It was certainly a glasses day after a late night!

Sunday afternoon I watched the Cardinals win!!!!!! I've been around Arizona sports my whole life and never have we seen something like this. For those who aren't into the NFL, the Cardinals are pretty much the laughing stock of pro football and they haven't won a championship in 61 years, before the NFL was even around. I am really excited to see them play the Steelers in two weeks. While they played I made an apple coffee cake. I must admit it wasn't one of my best looking cakes, so it wasn't worthy of any photos.
On Monday I went to lunch with my mom and then we saw Bride Wars. It was a cute movie, I definitely recommend it. Not sure men would like it, reason why my mom and I went and left my dad to work. I didn't get a lot of stuff done around the houseduring my 3 days off, but that's the plan for this weekend. Wish me luck!


MegCherry said...

You and your mom are soo cute! I really like your black dress...was it long or short?

How's yoga coming? I started to do more since I have back problems. It's really helping too!

mom said...

We do look good, don't you think? It was a fun weekend and I am glad that I was so much a part of your fun times.

Janelle Rene said...

Meg, the dress was short, I loved it and hopefully I can wear it again! Yoga isn't going too well, the times aren't very good for me on weekends and I've had a lot of other things to do. I'm glad it's helping you out!