I've always wanted boots

It's true, those below the knee ones that people have been wearing for years. I've always struggled to find the right ones at the right price. I have muscular calves so a lot of time boots don't zip up or I feel like circulation is being cut off to my feet. Either way it's not a pretty site. I did manage to find a pair of equestrian style boots earlier in the year, but I ended up taking them back b/c they were pretty pricey and I didn't feel like I would get much wear out of them.

Last night my mom asked me to go to the mall with her because she wanted to buy some silver shoes at White House Black Market. Her friend Jessica had been in there the night before and told my mom that they had silver shoes and a velvet wrap, two things she wanted to wear to a wedding that she's attending as my date next weekend. The silver shoes were very comfortable and very cheap...$17! While she was debating about which size to go with, I found this pair of boots in with the sale shoes. Now I have very small feet, so I can almost always try on the display shoe. I was surprised that they still has a small size left in said boots and slipped on the display for, if nothing else, a little entertainment. I loved them. They were black, almost to the knee, with a chunky heel. Mind you I was wearing gym clothes with them, so the whole ensemble left much to be desired. The guy helping us told me that they were $39.99 and another 40% off. That pretty much sold me right then and there. I forgot my camera last night or I would have taken some pictures of the boots and the outfit, but I am now the proud owner of $24 boots. Go me!

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