Hot Tamale!

Saturday was quite the day as it was the annual Haug family tamale making day! Every fall for the past 30+ years my mom's family has made tamales. Years ago when my grandfather owned a lodge in Northern Arizona, our family would sell the tamales at their annual rodeo. I was a little kid when they sold the lodge, so I don't remember much of that, but I guess they sold out every year. Pretty good for a 100% German family!

This year, we exceeded many expectations by making approximately 400 of these things. We started at 2:00pm and with 7 of us (my gramma, grandpa, mom, aunt, great aunt, mom's cousin and myself), we stopped around 6:30. The best part was eating them at the end and having 24+ tamales sitting in my freezer waiting for consumption. Here are a few photos of our tamale making process.

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