Down for the count

The House on Canary is officially down one member! Friday morning Chris officially left for OCS. I was very proud of myself for not shedding a single tear before, during, or after his departure. The days have been very busy since he left. Saturday I spent most of the day with my mom and family and Sunday was spent decorating for Halloween and picking up the house and running errands.

I am now able to write him letters, which I've done every day so far. I can't ever call him, and he can't call me until at least week 3 I believe. So for now, I just rely on my writing to keep me connected.

There are two issues that I'm having right now though, and I almost had a fit (the only child syndrome was setting in) last night. One is that the Tivo remote is acting up, and by acting up I mean not functioning. I'm sure you're thinking, who cares, but because of the way it's hooked up to the TV, it's the only way I can turn the TV on and off and change the channels. Well technically I can turn the TV on, but it won't change channels without the remote. And it's not the batteries, I checked. So no tivo and no TV on the big screen until I can get the problem solved. Problem #2 is that I can't find the DVD player remote, ANYWHERE. I've looked around the entire house (well where it could possibly be) and can't find the darn thing. Why do these things have to happen when he's not here? I'm in charge of making sure his favorite shows get recorded so he can watch them when he gets back, and I can't delete the unnecessary things and watch my stuff b/c of this darn remote. Hopefully I am able to solve both problems soon. I have a list from Tivo of things I can do to try to fix the remote before I have to buy a new one. Sorry, that's my rant for the day.

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