Silly Rabbit, Trix Are For Kids!

This morning as I was going through my breakfast routine I had a thought which made me laugh to myself. Every morning I pour cereal into a plastic cup, add the milk, grab a spoon and walk out the door to the car where I enjoy my morning meal. As I was pouring my cereal and looked at the box I wondered 'When will I grow out of the "kiddy" cereal stage?' In my hand I had a box of Trix! Yes, Trix, the cereal that for years stated it was strictly for kids. And I am a 25 year old standing in my kitchen wearing dress slacks, pumps and a nice sweater pouring miniature multi-colored cereal from a bright red box. Then I thought about the other cereals I had bought on my last few trips to the store: Golden Grahams, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Corn Puffs and Fruity Cheerios. WOW! I guess I might never grow out of this stage of my life; after all, my dad is over 50 (sorry Dad but it's true) and still gets excited with my mom buys Frosted Flakes. And sugary cereal is hardly a dietary issue. It's not like I'm pouring from a box of doughnuts for breakfast. I am almost tempted to try really hard to buy adult cereal like Special K or Fiber One tomorrow when I head to the grocery store, but let's be real. It won't taste as good and the milk won't turn fun colors, and really, how much fun is that?


MegCherry said...

I'm loving the new banner! Very cute! I'm also glad that you will be posting about things going on in your life...can't wait to read all about YOU!

About the cereal....Ronnie LOVES grown up cereals...the more fiber the better. I grow up eating cinnamon toast, fruity pebbles, and of course eggos with peanut butter. I'm slowly learning to like the more health cereal. Try Strawberry Medley by Fiber's pretty good!

Andy said...

Trix rank #2 on my list of cereals, second only to Frosted Marshmallow Alpha Bits, which unfortunately are no longer in stores.

I will eat children's cereal until the day a doctor tells me not to.