Celebrating Father's Day

I look forward to taking some time this weekend to celebrate Father's Day with my dad. Since my dad LOVES chocolate, this year I've decided to bake him fudge. My dad truly loves baked items just as much, and maybe even more than store bought gifts. I think this is because he would eat sweets every day if he could. Him and I are both sweets and milk lovers. One of my favorite photos of us when I was a baby is the two of us eating chocolate pudding. In order to make the presentation of the fudge just a little more exciting than fudge in a plastic storage container, my hunt for an old chocolate themed tin is on. There is a great antique mall by my parent's house that is great for items like these. In fact, any time you want a nice box or tin for a gift, check out your local antique shop. I especially like these for Christmas time gifts and edible treats. The fudge I'll be making is both old fashioned chocolate and butterscotch. I figured Dad deserves two kinds for his putting up with me all these years. I'll be sure to post photos with the end results and give recipes as well. Some people think fudge is difficult, but really, it's quite easy. Have a great weekend celebrating with all the fathers in your lives!

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