All Paint Is Not The Same

Remember a few weeks back when I said that I would be remodeling the guest room over the next few weeks? Well the most important part, the painting, is happening this weekend! The ugly shelves "gifted" to us by the previous owner are down and now I have some 1/2 in. holes to spackle, thanks to their not so conventional use of screws. But after that, and moving everything except the bed out of the room, I will be ready to paint.

My parents have painted two whole houses already, so I nicely asked my dad if he would like to assist me since my mom will be out of town at a medical conference this weekend. He oh so nicely said yes. Just a side note, my parents are great and have helped Chris and I so much with things around the house over the past almost two years. I know that Chris's parents would help us out too if they didn't live 3,000+ miles away! But I digress. My parents have informed me to buy a certain brand of paint. I was thinking that I'm sure paint is paint right? But no, according to them, paint is not just paint. There are certain qualities of paint, some cover better than others, which means more paint and more coats which then equals more time and money. With some coaxing from my parents, I've gone with Benjamin Moore. This paint is known as some of the best in the industry, so I am going to try it out and see what I think. I'll make sure to follow up after I finish the project as well to let you know how well it worked. By the way, the color I selected is named Woodmont Cream.

I also said in a previous post that I wanted to keep the entire project (frames, shelving, drapes, paint, etc.) under $100 dollars. So far I've spend $33 for the paint. I also bought one of the 10 picture frames with a gift card, so no money from the budget gone there. Only 9 more frames, shelves and drapes to go!


MegCherry said...

what color did you use?

Janelle Rene said...

Check out my new post to see the photos. I used Woodmont Cream. You really can't tell that much of a difference in the photos, but in person you can.